Smart Supply Chain

Increase supply chain predictability, agility and speed

Today’s high-tech manufacturing supply chain is an increasingly complex web of functions, partners, customers and channels that operate independently of one another. Disruptions are accelerating, further unsettling an environment already prone to changing conditions. A conventional supply chain simply cannot cope, let alone deliver the performance you need to win big in the market today.

The Smart Supply Chain Industry Solution Experience is created for High-Tech manufacturers to help them achieve superior delivery performance. It integrates, plans and optimizes key functions across your supply chain ― from sales and operations planning to master production scheduling, workforce to logistics - on a single platform for maximum efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Configured to a 100%-fit to your business and powered by world-class optimization technology, Smart Supply Chain takes into account rules and constraints to support supply chain-related decision-making across multiple time planning horizons.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve time-to-market targets with optimized production scheduling and logistics planning
  • Re-plan and re-optimize for the best possible plan at any point in time
  • Reduce business risk with accurate demand and supply forecasts
  • Increase cross-functional intelligence with collaborative decision-making