Semiconductor Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation Management with Process Automation

New connectivity, power, and intelligence demands are making semiconductor design and manufacturing more complex, while competitive price pressures and liability and warranty costs continue to escalate. Under such conditions, getting things right the first time is more critical than ever, but simultaneously harder to achieve. This is where rigorous yet streamlined design verification and validation tailored to today’s complex products can be of immeasurable benefit.

In verification, early identification of non-compliance issues depends on having complete, integrated access to all requirements in every phase of design, and a systemized way to ensure that each requirement is captured in the design outputs and easily verified. Once a product is developed, virtual and physical testing of the as-built product against requirements has to be thorough and highly efficient in order to consistently and cost-effectively meet customer expectations, satisfy compliance, and minimize delays, rework and recalls.

The Semiconductor Validation and Verification solution helps semiconductor manufacturers meet these essential objectives through end-to-end traceability of all requirements - especially those that represent the voice of customer - through technical requirements, product architecture, product tests and product validation. Additionally the solution enables manufacturers to adapt to increased product complexity through continuous, concurrent hardware design verification, and early validation of software using virtual hardware platforms.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

  • Streamline verification and validation for complex, software-intensive products with automated requirements capture and verification tools
  • Improve product quality and customer satisfaction through end-to-end traceability of requirements
  • Reduce warranty costs and minimize recalls through early identification of non-compliance issues
  • Reduce design cycle time and rework through continuous, concurrent hardware and software validation and verification