Superior customer service is now a critical part of assuring that your semiconductor business can achieve market leadership. Regardless whether the end use is automotive, healthcare, military or consumer products, your customers expect on-time delivery of best-in-class integrated circuits. Assuring high quality customer service and a return on investment for your shareholders means that your integrated circuit design and manufacturing must operate with peak efficiency and innovation.

The Silicon Thinking industry solution experience is a portfolio of integrated circuit design and engineering performance enhancement solutions that will shorten time to market, increase product quality and yield and improve your return on investment. Key processes enabled are intellectual property reuse, requirements and test traceability, integrated issue/defect management, distributed engineering team collaboration, virtual testing and manufacturing yield analytics. With this portfolio of solutions, semiconductor manufacturers can more quickly and easily untangle the simultaneous challenges of increasing chip complexity, lower power consumption, faster time-to-production and higher fabrication yields.

Discover the values of Silicon Thinking Industry Solution Experience:

  • Reduce time-to-market by increasing global collaboration efficiency
  • Accelerate decision making through efficient  tracking project execution
  • Increase savings in time and costs through virtual prototyping
  • Optimize manufacturing processes and reduce yield loss

With Silicon Thinking, we can measure the Quality and Issues happening in our projects, so we can better reflect all the potential issues at the very beginning. .....Right now we actually reduced from 60% to 10% the number of projects that have schedule delays".

Albert Li Director, Global Unichip Corporation