ENOVIA Pinpoint

Demo Videos

Foster Collaborative Design & Analysis

Facilitate complex semiconductor projects with ENOVIA Pinpoint

For locally distributed engineering groups working on large ASIC and SoC projects, efficient collaboration has become increasingly more difficult.


Pinpoint Overview (10 minutes)

Learn how Pinpoint helps keeping design projects on track by aggregating large amounts of data from different design and analysis tools, fostering analysis, metric tracking and team collaboration.


Iterative plotting (5 minutes)

Learn how you can resolve timing issues faster with Pinpoint´s plotting capability for analyzing metric tracking across timing path slack results.

  • Quickly access snapshots by plotting meaningful views of key metrics at any required detail level!
  • Use the metrics overlay capability for navigating complex design interrelations efficiently!


Bucket Lists (5 minutes)

Learn how to efficiently drive timing issues to closure by using buckets!

  • Handle large lists of violating paths in an orderly and time efficient manner!
  • Produce tasks that can be efficiently distributed to the various designers for resolution!


Layout (on the web) (5 minutes)

Learn how to speed layout analysis independently from your location or software tools installed!

  • Foster analysis by graphically overlaying different metrics coming from multiple analysis tools!
  • Use query lists and customized overlays to foster optimizing timing paths or power distribution!