Project Management for High-Tech Innovators



Today, High-Tech innovators spend more than one third of engineering time on non-value added activities.

This makes it difficult or impossible to meet today’s short windows of opportunity. Modern tools and methods can dramatically increase engineering efficiency.

“We found in our research that only about half of an engineer’s time is being spent on value-added activities, on really focusing on, for example, innovation, engineering design”.

Jim Brown President Tech-Clarity

How can you substantially increase your team’s productivity?

Let your team focus on what really matters!

  • Give all team members visibility on actual deliverables status that drives lean planning.
  • “Deliverables-based project management” gives project managers 100% accurate status.
  • Free-up project managers´ time for decision making instead of collecting data and updating status.

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How can you increase your ability to leverage market opportunities?

Drive your projects with customer requirements!

  • Manage requirements and projects in one common environment to reduce overhead and errors.
  • Give any-time-visibility to Project managers’ about requirements to improve decision making and mitigate risk.

How can you identify and proactively manage project risks and issues?

Move from corrective actions to driving business!

  • Integrated Project Management gives full transparency of critical tasks, resources and risks at any time.
  • “What if” analysis lets teams rapidly develop and compare changes and alternatives to the “live” timeline.
  • Give teams a 360° view for balancing time, resources, and cost.

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