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Boost design impact with smart enclosure engineering

Social Ideation & Creative Design

Create amazing designs in line and beyond your customer expectations

This solution experience uniquely combines world-class applications for the conceptual design of product enclosures with a social collaboration platform. Now, Designers can innovate in context of real-time customer feedback using a secure, on-line environment, accessible from anywhere, anytime. During the stages of ideation and conceptual design, customers, design experts or other stakeholders can be effectively involved to provide input and feedback using dynamic, interactive 3D representations and social collaboration. This is how for the first time, it becomes possible to take a 100% virtual model through the initial product stages completely in line or even beyond with market and design expert expectations, while paving the ground for downstream disciplines to provide engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Increase the innovation perimeter by involving diverse, stakeholders
  • Boost your design innovation with advanced sketching and virtual clay modeling inspiring each other
  • Intensify cross-disciplinary collaboration between design studios and engineering teams