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Boost design impact with smart enclosure engineering

Product Enclosure Design

Empower designers and engineers to turn design intent into engineering excellence

Our market leading, integrated applications for 3D design and engineering help automate and accelerate the collaboration between these two disciplines. Thanks to virtual, 3D-enabled collaboration and sophisticated capabilities facilitating the optimal re-use of past work, novel design can now be engineered faster and with excellence. Engineers can be more productive with easy-to-use methods like “safe element placement”, while concurrent change management helps substantially accelerate the creation process overall. They also benefit from methods facilitating Design-for-manufacturing, minimizing expensive cost of change in downstream stages of product innovation.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Address the complexity challenges of creating smart, engaging devices
  • Reduce engineering time and effort by facilitating re-use of know-how
  • Lower effort and cost of design and engineering changes