HT body

Boost design impact with smart enclosure engineering

Mold Machining

Reduce NC programming time by automating the machining process

When they program and optimize machining processes, this solution helps machine tool operators realize efficiency gains thanks to advanced tool path programming and virtual simulation. Working concurrently with engineering, NC programmers can substantially reduce programming lead times. By identifying and resolving tool paths errors much earlier than before, they can achieve “best in class” surface machining quality and collision free tool paths. Precocious techniques allow cutting complex molds while optimizing tool life.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Save time by fostering concurrent engineering between design and manufacturing
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility to rapidly address design and engineering changes
  • Realize efficiency gains by substantially increasing re-use rate of manufacturing know-how
  • Effectively support high product variability and modularity
  • Maximize machine tool use by improvements in up-front workload planning