Clear to Build

Synchronize materials flow with Production

Clear to Build for the High-Tech industry enables manufacturers to define, control, and optimize operations across multiple manufacturing sites and functions, while still accommodating specific site-level requirements.

By synchronizing raw materials, components and semi-finished goods with production, quality inspection and equipment maintenance processes - the Clear to Build solution helps global manufacturers achieve highly responsive adaptive global material supply and logistics execution. Utilizing a global approach to traceability and containment supports today's "single platform, many models" product strategy.

With the Clear to Build solution you can reduce working capital and shortage by aligning supply inventory with demand using real-time operations visibility.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce inventory and increase throughput through material synchronization
  • Achieve higher quality with rapid traceability and containment
  • Improve performance while reducing costs by continuously discovering and deploying best practices
  • Increase on-time, on-specification delivery of complex orders with precise, up-to-date, as-built information