Product Variants & Technology Platform

Meet global demands with customer configurable products

Managing the complexities of product variability and portfolio diversity in global markets is placing enormous pressure on High Tech innovators. However, a tight integration of global portfolio management with the right technology platform can help innovators master these complexities and bring tailored products to market faster and with less R&D investment.

The Product Variants & Technology Platform solution enables building generic product structures across product lines and establishing a library of standard features, helping to increase product variability by allowing products to be more easily adapted to different markets. The solution also helps High Tech companies evaluate the design feasibility of new product configurations to meet global market demands, while finding the right balance between reuse and variability. 

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitate portfolio and architecture definition with best-of-class configuration management
  • Increase portfolio competitiveness by managing global variants on a common platform
  • Accelerate adaptation to evolutions in demand and technology with customer configurable products
  • Optimize return on R&D investment through re-use