Bill of Materials Management

BOM synchronization from As-Designed to As-Built/Serviced

Globally dispersed High Tech / Electronic organizations need access to Bill of Materials and other information related to product development activities to facilitates real-time collaboration among all engineering disciplines.

The Bill of Materials Management solution enables High Tech organizations to handle Bill of Material management across the product lifecycle - from as-Designed to as-Manufactured, as-Planned, and all the way to as-Built and Serviced stages. 

We adopted the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which enables a uniformed control of design information.

Masashi Ando Manager, Sensor Division

Key Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency by synchronizing change management across diverse organizational teams and the supply chain
  • Promote global part re-use and standardization leveraging one platform
  • Foster front-loading manufacturing and procurement requirements to product management and design
  • Facilitate product configuration and architecture definition
  • Save time by facilitating part version and use traceability for facilitating change impact analysis