Semiconductor IP Management

Enterprise level Classification, Qualification, Search & Reuse

In order to meet ever-shorter product development cycles at expected profit margins, semiconductor manufacturers must carefully manage all their resources, especially their Intellectual Property (IP). Reusing IP blocks is one strategy that has been proven to shorten design cycle times while reducing risks from quality issues. But effective IP reuse has become more challenging due to a significant increase in design and process complexity, along with more frequent mergers and acquisitions.

Deployed on the collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, the Semiconductor IP Management solution delivers the enterprise level capabilities companies need to make full, efficient use of their IP. To maximize reuse, the solution provides easy and secure global cataloging, vetting, and search capabilities across business units and partner and supplier networks. It also delivers essential IP governance and enables full synchronization of IP management with issue, defect and change processes. The solution further provides royalty tracking and management capabilities that maximize profits while minimizing litigation risks.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

  • Reduce design cycle time by using secure global IP search to maximize reuse
  • Accelerate new product introduction with robust classification and governance
  • Reduce respins, post-mark ECOs, and design waivers by using IP vetting tools
  • Increase IP value from partnerships, mergers & acquisitions with global access to siloed assets