Electronic Systems Engineering

Increasing system complexity… Digital convergence… Environmental constraints… How do you ensure traceability from needs identification to final product validation? The Dassault Systèmes Collaborative Systems Engineering Solution provides application and environment to master complex systems development with a structuring RFLP process approach.

Mastering Multi-Discipline Systems Development Process

High-Tech Systems Engineering

The Collaborative Systems Engineering solution helps engineers in High-Tech / Electronic companies formalize, share and manage a unified, cross-discipline electronic systems development process. It allows customer needs and technical requirements to be captured, with complete traceability across product definition, functional, logical, physical and test aspects established. Systems and discipline engineers can also model and validate systems behavior to enable optimization, concept dimensioning, and multi-discipline interface management.

With the Collaborative Systems Engineering solution, High-Tech / Electronic companies can master the collaborative multi-discipline systems development process, thanks to dynamic modeling, simulation, and traceability from needs identification to final product validation. Early and comprehensive validation enables systems engineers to produce innovative designs more quickly, with reduced costly late-cycle issues and changes. For more information, please download the Collaborative Systems Engineering Solution brief.

Systems Engineering solution includes:

  • Requirement management
  • Functional analysis
  • Logical design
  • Systems modeling and simulation
  • Integration, verification and validation
  • Systems analysis and definition control

Supporting products: ENOVIA Requirements Central, ENOVIA 3D Live, ENOVIA System Functional Logical Definition, ENOVIA VPM Configured Structure Definition, ENOVIA VPM Central, ENOVIA Live Collaboration, CATIA Systems, SIMULIA Scenario Definition

With ENOVIA, we give all 150 actors a single, structured view of both the product and process. It creates a synergy, a feeling of belonging to a whole.

François Chivot Manager Systems Engineering Methodology and Tools, Dassault Aviation