Mechatronics Engineering

Accelerating pace of technology... Increasing product complexity & density… How do you ensure data exchange between various authoring tools as well as breaking cultural barriers between different engineering disciplines? DS Collaborative Mechatronics Solution Enables efficient communication and collaboration across mechanical, electronic and software engineering disciplines to master product development complexity and improve design efficiency.

Mastering Multi-Discipline Mechatronics Design Complexity

mechatronics engineering

Coordinating mechatronics engineering activities across stakeholders is a daunting task as pressure increases to meet more complex design requirements. Ongoing engineering changes – especially in cases where multiple configurations are involved – can make it difficult to keep bill of materials (BOMs) and other product data accurate and synchronized across the supply chain. The Collaborative Mechatronics Engineering solution helps High-Tech / Electronic organizations manage all mechatronics engineering activities, which begin with project specification and extend through to initial product planning. The solution provides a single repository for all product development data -- ranging from specifications, 3D models, analysis results, to manufacturing requirements -- in order that mechatronics data can be securely accessed in real-time by relevant stakeholders.

Mechanical, electrical and software data, which often have different lifecycles, are captured within a unified product definition to enable designers and engineers to employ a holistic approach to product design from the start of the project. The Collaborative Mechatronics Engineering solution fosters efficient design processes that take into account how well all mechanical and electronic components fit within the product enclosure parts since early in the development cycle so that costly late-cycle design issues can be minimized. This helps companies in handling multi-discipline collaboration process and mastering the mechatronics design complexity. For more information, please download the Collaborative Mechatronics Engineering solution brief.

Mechatronics Engineering solution includes:

  • Embedded software engineering
  • Flexible & Rigid PCB engineering
  • Electrical CAD
  • Electro-mechanical engineering
  • Engineering technical documentation

Supporting brands: 3DVIA, CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA

CATIA opens the door to ‘relational design’ throughout the entire development cycle and provides for unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use in engineering change.

Toshiyuki Nakazaki Director of Research and Development, Clarion Malaysia