Manufacturing & Production Operations

Aggressive production launch dates… Interconnected activities throughout manufacturing facilities and the supply chain... How do you launch a project successfully on time and on budget. DS Manufacturing and Production Operations solution enables High-Tech manufacturers and their suppliers to implement a “Design for Manufacturing” approach to validate & optimize the manufacturing and overall production operations before the start of physical production.

Supporting Design-for-Manufacturing Approach

In an industry where many programs experience cost overruns and schedule delays, good production planning is key to staying in business. Electronic manufacturing and production planning involves innumerable elements that must be stringently coordinated and executed in order to successfully launch a program on time and on budget. Interconnected activities throughout manufacturing facilities and the supply-chain must be carefully planned to reach the safest, fastest, and most optimum sequence. 

High-Tech / Electronic manufacturers and their supply-chain rely on Dassault Systèmes (DS)' fully integrated PLM environment that supports design-for-manufacturing approach in order that both design and manufacturing processes can be optimized concurrently and in ways that would best utilize available resources. DS' Manufacturing and Production Operations solution offer extensive capabilities unmatched in the industry. For more information, please download the Manufacturing & Production Operations solution brief.

Manufacturing and Production Operations solution includes:

  • Manufacturing BOMs
  • Manufacturing change management
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Production work instructions, documents and simulations
  • Production simulation
  • In-process product modeling
  • Production machinery design and layout optimization
  • Tool asset management
  • Integration to manufacturing execution and ERP

Supporting brands: DELMIA, ENOVIA

With ENOVIA we have practically eliminated the risk of data loss when transferring information from one product lifecycle stage to another while saving manufacturing time and improving product quality.

V.I. Zhigulskikh Deputy Director General, Production and Development, Bee Pitron Electric