Industrial Design and Consumer Experience

Increasingly demanding consumers… Highly competitive marketplace… Growing environmental responsibility… How can you design products that stand out from the competition and that meet consumer expectation? DS Industrial Design & Consumer Solution provides a unique technology to support ultra efficient product design from ideation to detailed design and product validation.

Designing Products that Stand Out from the Competition

High-Tech Conceptual

The Industrial Design and Consumer Experience solution is developed for industrial designers and product creators in the High-Tech / Electronic companies who seek to increase brand identity and create products that stand out from the competition. With this electronic design solution from Dassault Systèmes, designers can imagine and shape their next products with a unique virtual clay modeling approach, or start the product ideation process using available shapes to shorten the design cycle.

The Industrial Design and Consumer Experience solution is designed to feel like an extended arm for the High-Tech / Electronic designers to freely express their creativity while combining visual appeal with product usability and performance aspects. The “consumer experience” feature enables the designers to simulate product behavior in the first moment of truth (i.e. in the store) and the second moment of truth (i.e. in use) in order to analyze how the product will be perceived and used by the consumers. For more information, please download the Industrial Design & Consumer Experience solution brief

Industrial Design and Consumer Experience solution includes:

  • Concept ideation and creation
  • Industrial design
  • Materials and color management
  • Design review and validation
  • Consumer lifelike experience

Supporting brands: 3DVIA, CATIA, ENOVIA

For compact digital cameras, CATIA is best-suited to free‑form surface creation using the surface function.

Mr. Akira Nojima Executive Staff, Industrial Design Department, Imaging Company, Nikon