Component Supplier Management

Rising production volume, price wars, components providers globally dispersed... How do you master components supply complexity while achieving economies of scale?

Driving Design-to-Cost and Effective Sourcing Strategies

The Component Supplier Management solution enables High-Tech / Electronic companies to manage development processes of parts that are either produced internally or purchased from suppliers. Complex business rules related to part qualification and development processes can be modeled so that information is captured and tasks are executed consistently across the enterprise. Functional teams from design to testing, manufacturing, purchasing and quality control can collaborate efficiently without relying on complex, rigid workflows.

By implementing an integrated part development process that includes all key stakeholders, companies can drive a sourcing strategy that ensures product and component compliance, while enabling “Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere” agility and savings. The Component Supplier Management solution helps High-Tech / Electronic companies shift their focus from managing internal costs only, or external price only, to a complete understanding and management of all cost drivers across the value chain. For more information, please download the Component Supplier Management solution brief and the Component Supplier Management whitepaper.

Component Supplier Management solution includes:

  • New part request and development
  • Component classification
  • Component compliance
  • Supplier management and collaboration
  • Component sourcing
  • Component obsolescence

Supporting products: ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central, ENOVIA Sourcing Central, ENOVIA Supplier Central, ENOVIA High-Tech Accelerator for New Part Request and Development, ENOVIA Engineering Central, ENOVIA Library Central, ENOVIA Live Collaboration

LG Innotek adopted ENOVIA to properly manage large numbers of electronic parts in part because it is user-friendly and easy to implement.

Yu Hwan Assistant Manager, Process Innovation (PI) Group, LG Innotek