High-Tech Business Processes

From governance to engineering, manufacturing and after sales services, our solutions enables you to address your challenges and improve your competitiveness.

Please select the processes in the following chart. Each solution from Dassault Systèmes can be implemented individually to solve specific business or engineering challenges. Together, this comprehensive and integrated High-Tech / Electronic Product Life Cycle Management solution set helps companies in their strategic initiatives around the transformation of product development, manufacturing and enterprise collaboration processes.

Benefits of 3DS High-Tech / Electronics PLM Solutions:

  • Design the entire system – from requirement to functional, logical and physical model – in a complete end-to-end process
  • Take advantage of our Collaborative Mechatronics design solution to build a single digital product definition consisting of components designed by various engineering discipline teams
  • Perform virtual product qualification within our unified modeling and simulation environment to improve productivity and reduce development time
  • Manage complexity, including sophisticated embedded systems, and the interdependent works of all involved component suppliers and manufacturers
  • Integrate regulatory compliance into product development process to reduce the chances of last minute changes and product recall.
  • Maximize production performance by embedding manufacturing rules and constraints in the design templates, fully practicing Design for Manufacturing approach.
  • Use a single repository to store all product information and the processes that govern them throughout their life cycle.