Business Operation Excellence

Foster efficiency and agility in developing configurable products and solutions

Today’s High Tech innovators have to cope with fierce competition, rapidly evolving technology and constantly shifting customer demands on a global scale. Improving cycle times for meeting short windows of opportunity cannot be achieved by process optimization in respective areas of business and R&D alone. Leading innovators strive for breakthrough advances in organizational agility to react quickly to changing market conditions while mastering complex production and compliance processes. 

The Business Operation Excellence 3DEXPERIENCE solution provides the capability to orchestrate and synchronize a broad spectrum of skills and resources across engineering and business disciplines to support fast, profitable delivery of customer configurable products and solutions that delight customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve efficiencies by better synchronizing cross-discipline resources, processes and roadmaps
  • Boost competitiveness with modular strategies for quick adaption to changes in technology and customer demand
  • Reduce development cost by maximizing re-use of IP and by optimizing component sourcing during design
  • Secure compliance with quality and regulatory standards by forcing control on regulatory declaration processes