Upping the Innovation Game in a Winner Takes All World

How can innovation outcomes be improved in the Asset Management Industry?

Dassault Systèmes is delighted to have partnered with Prof. Amin Rajan, CEO of CREATE-Research, in our inaugural asset management study “Upping the Innovation Game in a Winner Takes All World”.  With over 200 asset managers, pension plans and consultants surveyed and over 50 senior industry executives interviewed, we hope you find study findings and event recordings stimulating.

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Seminar Highlights

Study overview by Amin Rajan, CEO CREATE-Research

Panelist Views 11.18.13

What does the study cover?

The purpose of the study was to understand two fundamental questions:

  • Innovation Processes – how effective are they?
    How financial institutions can improve their fund innovation outcomes in order to satisfy regulatory, client and shareholder demands.
  • Innovation Outcomes – how can they be improved?
    Understand areas for improvement and discover what lessons can be learned from the disciplined processes of the world’s most innovative companies, such as Toyota, Apple, or 3M.
What the study revealed?

Highlights from the study include:

“There is hope in the study’s finding that, in pursuit of a better alignment of interest with clients, asset managers are shifting their emphasis from product-push to product-pull," says Pascal Duval, CEO Russell Investments.

Prof. Amin Rajan explains “Asset managers can no longer have a scattergun approach in the hope that one of their products will hit the bulls eye”.

Further, Prof. Amin Rajan found that:

  • Asset managers have been effective at generating ideas but executing and evaluating initiatives remains problematic
  • Success is about striking a balance between product-pull and product–push – current approaches to innovation lack balance: they require greater emphasis on skills, processes and client engagement (fig 1.1 below)
  • Collaboration is the new alpha behind alpha  - managers should seek smarter ways of streamlining processes with enterprise collaboration, exploiting that tacit knowledge or corporate memory that resides in accumulated experiences and insights of colleagues
  • A growing number of asset managers are adopting more rigor in the way they design, create and deliver funds
  • Regulators are demanding greater transparency, shareholders push for improved operational efficiency and customers demand solutions not products.  But asset management companies still rely on manual processes in many key aspects of the business

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