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Fund Central

Fund Central for Asset Managers is the investment management specific offering of the Innovation Factory suite of solutions. Designed to radically improve transparency, efficiency and collaboration, it helps to empower customer centric fund innovation for all stakeholders in the fund creation arena.

If you are in sales, distribution, marketing, operations, product development teams and senior management, Fund Central's real time dashboard gives everyone a true picture of the status of all products. With real time information at your finger tips and by establishing proper fund life cycle discipline, you can become more lean and agile, mitigating operational risk past, present and future.

Read the white paper to find out how digitization can turn regulatory requirements into competitive advantage.

Digitize to gain visibility and efficiencies across product & project management

Principal benefits

  • Reduces operational risk, increases transparency and identifies bottlenecks, efficiency and transparency
  • Improves collaboration, marrying efficiency, governance and accountability
  • Provides customized real-time visibility across the entire portfolio