3D FinTech Challenge 2014

Empowering FinTech Innovation

In 2014 the 3D FinTech Challenge, an immersive program designed to empower and accelerate technology innovation in financial services, specifically focused on the Investment Management industry.

The winners were Prophis. Their solution helps enterprises identify relationships and derive exceptional value and insights from their “medium data”. Prophis impressed the judging panel composed of leading figures from the FinTech, Investment Management and Venture Capital industries and they beat 5 other finalists including Closir, Data-Next, Heckyl, PensionMandate and PrairieSmarts. The runners up were Heckyl. Based in London and India, they process millions of data nodes (social media, open data sources, exchange data) in real-time to bring the most intuitive, insightful graphs and clear visual indicators of dozens of factors that represent and influence stock market dynamic.

The 3D FinTech Challenge 2014 identified, nurtured and accelerated high performance start-ups focused on delivering solutions that can potentially transform and shape the Investment Management Industry. The themes were set by senior industry executives. Over the 7-week period, the finalists benefited from an immersive program of master classes and on-going commercial mentoring from leading industry figures and senior executives at Dassault Systèmes. They also received technical and legal support, and pitching guidance.

Benefits of the 2014 3D FinTech Challenge provided:

  • An opportunity for high performance start-ups to address the 3D FinTech Challenge's theme of empowering the customer through technology innovation.
  • On-going mentoring from senior executives and senior members of London's and New York's financial services community, to help shape the products and technologies being developed.
  • Master classes given by domain experts, covering topics such as UI and UX & interface design, intellectual property rights, marketing and licensing agreements.
  • Access to a dual-center community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and high growth companies in London and New York.

3D FinTech Challenge 2014 Soundbites

3D FinTech Challenge 2014 Mid-Term Views

3D FinTech Challenge 2014 Finalists - Click on the logo to see the presentation of each finalist

The first cloud-based investor relations platform connecting public companies with investors directly.


Provides real-time research and information services increase mandate sales leads to the institutional business development departments within asset management firms.


Offers a fully cloud-based SaaS solution which reduces regulatory risk and automates the entire investment process for institutional asset managers, hedge funds and wealth managers.


3D  FinTech Challenge 2014  Winner

Helps clients derive exceptional value and insights from their highly connected data.


3D  FinTech Challenge 2014 Runner-Up

Provides a real time financial information discovery and alert platform, analyzing millions of online data sources and open data sets.


Quantifies portfolio risk for financial advisors, money managers and broker-dealers in an easily digestible manner, facilitating the appropriate conversations with clients


The 3D FinTech Challenge provided the focus and environment for us to more rapidly build out our investment management solution. With valuable input from Dassault Systèmes, mentors, partners and subject matter experts, we made terrific strides in productizing the powerful functionality embedded in our Proteus platform.

Charles Pardue Managing Partner and Founder of Prophis Technologies

Deutsche Boerse has been focused on fostering fintech and innovation in financial markets by historically nurturing early stage companies. It has been a natural progression to partner on the 3D FinTech Challenge. We congratulate Algodynamix for winning the contest. Their solution addresses a key regulatory challenge faced by our industry.

Brendan Bradley Chief Innovation Officer Eurex, part of Deutsche Börse Group

It's rare that an innovation curriculum can give the teams involved enough freedom to be bold with their ideas and at the same time bring to the mix a stellar range of mentors and innovators who can inspire great thinking and hard work. Dassault Systèmes have made all this possible and their genuine enthusiasm and focus on giving all participants the best chance of success is both admirable and unique. The investment management industry badly needs more companies prepared to offer unequivocal transparency and the 3D FinTech Challenge participants are truly in that mix. I hope Dassault will continue the program next year and beyond.

Nick Hungerford CEO and co-founder of Nutmeg and one of the 3D FinTech Challenge judges