Thermal Power

If you could design coal and gas fired generation systems and equipment in 3D with the whole construction program managed collaboratively, would you be able to improve efficiency and store greenhouse gas in order to make the plant cleaner?

Deliver your project on time and on budget

Optimize projects and decrease the environmental footprint

Whatever the concern for the environment and global warming, people require affordable energy, and so coal and gas fired thermal generation progresses at a high pace. With the unconventional production revolution in the U.S., new gas-fired plants will replace coal fired plants, even while there are more than a thousand coal-fired plants under construction worldwide. 

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions provide design tools for turbine island equipment suppliers, as well as the integration of disciplines for the whole plant. In addition, accurate program management capabilities enable you to plan and monitor plant construction collaboratively with contractors in order to deliver on time and on budget.