Sustainable Sourcing

Efficiently manage your supplier network

Wind turbine developers look to manufacture and assemble components as close as possible to a wind farm operation to minimize logistics costs for transporting large wind turbine components. How do you develop such local manufacturing expertise?

Dassault Systèmes Sustainable Wind Turbines can help you leverage supply chain capabilities for wind turbine manufacturing and assembly throughout the product lifecycle and make your suppliers an integral part of product development. The solution enables aggregation and automation of all sourcing information (such as components, bills of materials (BOM), and related data) in a single file location while building RFQs, allowing buyers to easily view and track progress.

Master records and scorecards can capture all relevant supplier characteristics, such as plant metrics, certifications, and supplier capabilities. Company suppliers can participate in the RFQ process within the same environment, and can even suggest Engineering Change Requests (ECRs) and collaborate early and throughout the product lifecycle.

With our 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, engineering and manufacturing departments can collaborate more efficiently with suppliers, resulting in reduced development costs and accelerated time-to-market.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  •  Enhance process standardization and efficiency of the RFQ process
  • Improve collaboration between engineering, purchasing, and strategic suppliers
  • Lower operational costs, shorten supplier turnaround time on responses, and improve bid quality
  • Minimize costs and risks, and improve downstream quality by reviewing supplier change requests earlier in the development process
  • Enhance strategic sourcing by having supplier capability, quality, and performance information readily available to buyers