Sustainable Manufacturing

Build your product "right the first time"

Wind turbine manufacturing looks for solutions to increase production quickly and lower costs, while maintaining high quality and efficiency.

Dassault Systèmes Sustainable Wind Turbines design-for-manufacturing approach enables you to plan in a virtual environment, validate manufacturing processes before start of production, identify and resolve issues up front, and manufacture products “right the first time”. From the early stages of product development, digital manufacturing involving planning, scheduling, sequencing, and programming resources can be defined to create improved processes, preventing problems and delays from arising later when products are ready to be built. These tools can help you optimize flexible and lean manufacturing.

Automated manufacturing methods, such as using robotics or CNC machines, are commonly used to offer greater flexibility, increased quality, reduced waste, and increased standardization while improving worker health and safety.  Investments in such production systems are costly, but can be justified with the reduced cost and time of validation in a virtual environment.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Concurrent engineering and manufacturing process definition to validate early manufacturability
  • Verification and validation of manufacturing processes and production programs to minimize production issues and costs
  • Capitalize and re-use your company’s know-how, standard processes, and best practices
  • Minimize cycle time, increase throughput of the production facility, and optimally use resources