Sustainable Blade Design

Designing for performance and reliability

The blades are critical components of the wind turbine and subjected to large variations in stress (such as wide temperature range and severe weather) while operating in different conditions throughout the year. Composite materials are ideal for producing wind turbine blades, thanks to their strength, weight, and exceptional mechanical properties.

Dassault Systèmes Sustainable Wind Turbines offers a collaborative working framework in a single collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform where all users and applications – design, analysis, and manufacturing – can work together with an integrated data model. You can manage all aspects of composite blade design in an integrated manner, ranging from preliminary design all the way to structural certification via virtual testing. By working collaboratively and interactively in a global integrated environment, designers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers can ensure a reliable and robust composite blade design.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Efficient design of complex composite blades with quick blade design iterations
  • Single global collaborative environment for all users and disciplines
  • Quick and thorough assessment of structural performance under various conditions
  • Minimized material waste
  • Integrated design to manufacturing
  • Certification-ready composite blade design