Sustainable Product

Delivering sustainable product and process innovation

Sustainable Lab

Support sustainable innovation and safety in a streamlined lab

Stakeholders in an organization’s research and development process are often siloed, with interdepartmental, national and international boundaries preventing the free flow of vital experimental data. Less rigorous processes and procedures mean core research results may be captured in notebooks and on scientists’ hard drives so are not disseminated to the wider business. These factors introduce waste and inefficiency, slowing and even preventing the innovation that should be populating the new product pipeline. 

Sustainable Lab, a core process experience of Sustainable Product, improves efficiency and collaboration to optimize innovation. The research, development and testing process is digitized, enabling secure and easy collaboration, eliminating paper-based processes and local silos, introducing efficiencies and linking all stakeholders within the innovation value chain.

How Sustainable Lab optimizes the development process to increase new product success

  • Integrates all testing and laboratory processes into a single secure and easy to access collaborative digital platform, providing researchers and managers with complete visibility of all innovation activities in real time
  • Delivers a greater understanding of processes and data that can be applied to future experiments, further reducing new product development time, whilst delivering assurance that the products are safe, perform as claimed and provide superior value to customer fit for purpose
  • Optimal utilization of people, materials and processes provides unparalleled efficiency and excellence in the laboratory and an expanded new product pipeline
  • Enhances compliance and sustainability through improved laboratory procedures and chemical and materials inventory management