Sustainable Product

Delivering sustainable product and process innovation

Chemicals, petrochemicals and materials producers need sustainable competitive advantages in order to achieve long-term business success. Such advantages are driven largely by developing innovative, differentiated products quickly and with improved cost structures. But achieving shorter development cycles that enable faster time to market is made difficult when R&D labs suffer from disconnected processes, people and data. And demanding compliance and sustainability requirements only underscore the need for integrated laboratory solutions.  

Dassault Systèmes Sustainable Product Industry Solution Experience provides materials and chemical researchers with the tools to accelerate the pace of innovation by optimizing resources and processes in the laboratory. Sustainable Product speeds up the development of new chemicals and materials by optimizing laboratory processes and eliminating paper-based procedures. It reduces time, money and risk by linking research with development while reducing safety and compliance risk.

Developing new products, formulations, materials and processes in silico – through using computer simulations – can pre-screen chemical/material candidates to reduce costly and time consuming testing that significantly reduces the innovation cycle. The Sustainable Discovery Industry Process Experience enables researchers across science-based industries to optimize the development of new chemicals and materials through modelling their characteristics and behaviors. The Sustainable Lab Industry Process Experience unifies lab processes, people, resources and data to accelerate the pace of innovation with improved collaboration and better use of experimental knowledge

Sustainable Product harnesses the collective intelligence of all stakeholders across the value chain. These Industry Solution Experiences incorporate sustainability into the business processes, helping to securely link and simplify fragmented stakeholder relationships from both within and outside of traditional corporate boundaries. This ensures that knowledge is shared consistently as new products are developed. This has a major impact on innovation efficiency and productivity. 

How Sustainable Product drives product and process innovation:

  • Digitizes the entire business cycle to increase efficiency and eliminate paper-based processes, improving the accuracy and consistency of knowledge as it passes through the supply chain
  • Delivers powerful in silico modelling capabilities enabling development scientists to identify the most profitable and sustainable formulations before laboratory testing
  • Enables greater new product differentiation and control over outcomes and IP capture whilst reducing development cycles and time to market 
  • Uses sustainable chemistry and engineering to gain a better understanding of chemicals/materials that enable faster materials innovation