Safe Plant Decommissioning

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Safe Planning

Decommissioning plan optimization & validation

Schedule alternatives are simulated upstream thanks to the 3D virtual twin of the facility, enabling selection of the safest solution that is most efficient and technically achievable. Self-guided robots can be programmed. 3D instructions obtained from schedule definition can help improve worker understanding by delivering an animated step-by-step disassembly sequence. Whether involving human operation or remote material handling systems, worker and contractor teams can learn and repeat disassembly operations in a risk-free virtual environment, enabling better safety and efficiency when executing the actual work.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Simulate scenarios in 4D, optimize deconstruction plans taking various constraints into account
  • Forecast radioactive waste production and optimize for constraints
  • Assess workers’ dosage for safety and optimization
  • Prepare detailed planning of deconstruction and waste production
  • Validate and optimize remote handling operations