Safe Plant Decommissioning

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Safe Inventory

Technical asset information management &
3D digital plant with radioactive waste distribution

While decommissioning of a new NPP is now a process to be prepared for starting with design, it was not the case in the 1960s. Therefore, detailed facility and asset characterization is a mandatory preparation activity. Due to plant evolution during facility life, information is not only disseminated in several systems, but is often inadequate, obsolete, or even missing. Safe Plant Decommissioning manages inventory in the context of a multi-disciplinary plant breakdown structure, in association with the creation of a twin of the plant in digital 3D, with accurate bills of material associated with the evidences of radioactive waste distribution. Using such a single source of truth as a basis, a safe and efficient waste management plan can be comprehensively scheduled.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Single source of truth for asset-related technical information available for all project stakeholders such as room inventories, pictures, documentation, time series of sensors, drawings, etc.
  • Asset information organized following a multidisciplinary plant breakdown structure (classification per system or per room or per discipline, etc.) 
  • Asset information managed in association with 3D
  • Accurate Bill of Material / Bill of Quantity / radioactive waste distribution 
  • Bill of Material / Bill of Quantity computed with associated 3D evidence