Optimized Plant Construction

Project management & execution integrated with Quality Management System

Optimized Site Execution

Accelerate lean construction

How much cost and delay do you experience on your construction field because work orders are not executable due to lack of necessary material or resources, leaving inactive workers, immobilizing rented resources such as cranes, and shifting overall planning? Then project often enters in a reactive “fire-fighting” loop that often worsen the result.

Just in time delivery helps to eliminate wastes, optimizes field work and workers’ productivity.  Improved agility and expanded continuous improvement tends to compress construction schedule across the enterprise and extended global supply chain . These are benefits to which Optimized Plant Construction industry solution contributes by proposing implementation of lean material flow and concepts of Last Planner® System.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Enables Just In Time delivery and waste reduction
  • Compress the construction schedule
  • Optimize field work & worker’s productivity