Optimized Plant Construction

Project management & execution integrated with Quality Management System

Optimized Planning

Optimization of construction schedules 

When large equipment start to be placed in the plant structure, complexity of concurrent activities and not enough detailed plans make arise construction-delaying problems.  Materials may not be delivered in time, reworks due to design inconsistency are needed, late identification of bad plant erection sequence leads  to dismounting-remounting, workers may not be skilled enough to succeed 1st time their task ...  What if both design and construction processes could be optimized concurrently before actual construction, in ways that would anticipate construction issues and best utilize available resources.

EPCs and owners/operators can then estimate costs and construction time accurately prior delivering contractor work orders, as all requirements are included in the planning. Later cost and time of changes for unexpected issues can also be quickly simulated enabling to easily make define alternative adjustments to maintain schedule of the project on track. Such “Design for Construction” approach is offered by Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience. Early and throughout the design process, plant construction planning, scheduling, and sequencing can be virtually defined and simulated  in 4D (3D and time). It includes equipment and tooling motions as well as human simulations. The solution offers also workers non-textual, easily understandable 3D instructions that are obtained based on 3D information of the equipment, terrain, and plant facility,  delivering virtual animated scenarios to train workers in a 3D life-like manner maximizing comprehension before real-life execution on the field.



Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Collaborative construction innovation
  • Plan, visualize and execute on time
  • Validate and anticipate construction issues
  • Reduced or eliminated health and safety issues
  • Construction optimization and feedback