Optimized Plant Construction

Project management & execution integrated with Quality Management System

Optimized Engineering

Streamlined transmittals

How to master deliverables and their management when so many documents are vaulted in different systems, which prevents the transfer or sharing of information?  How to accelerate milestone validations when an entire capital project is delayed in time-consuming reviews that have to go through complex workflows between several geographically distant stakeholders? How to publish up to date documents and avoid having construction based on inaccurate information that can lead to errors and reworks?

By integrating engineering delivery planning in the global project schedule, the Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience  provides a single version of the truth, traceable workflows and routes with electronic sign-offs, issue and change handling accountability, and on-demand immediate status dashboards. A Capital Project manager from an EPC company or from owner/operator divisions with an EPC role will benefit from Optimized Plant Construction  Industry Solution Experience  by managing engineering deliverable vaulting, and controlling timely delivery and content validation before publishing to downstream processes.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Visibility between key projects actors
  • Single version of the truth
  • Accountability of decisions
  • Traceability across workflow and documents