Operations Excellence

Deliver reliable and predictable performance

With assets running 24x7x365 for a lifetime of 25 to 50+ years, plant Owner Operators continuously have optimal production, safety, availability, and profitability on their radar. Yet in today’s complex plant infrastructures where access to trusted data is hampered by globally-dispersed teams using disparate legacy systems, the result is fieldworkers unprepared or undertrained to perform the maintenance, repair and overhaul operations needed to ensure a plant’s sustained performance.

Maintenance and production personnel do not share the same information systems. Equipment failures can go undetected because operators do not necessarily have the expertise and time to analyze information from machine sensors that can alert them of errors and pending interruptions. Maintenance personnel, on the other hand, lack the ability to monitor assets in real time, thereby missing out on information that can announce imminent equipment failure. This lack of predictability can lead to higher-than-expected operational and maintenance costs due to unscheduled shutdowns that seriously erode a company’s productivity.

Maintenance Workers

Based on the integrated 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Operations Excellence delivers digital continuity across all maintenance and operational tasks and comprehensive real-time visibility allowing managers to perform accurate risk assessments and impact analyses before engaging an action. EPU Operators, Service Companies and OEMs can define and apply the right maintenance strategy to improve overall asset availability and reduce unplanned downtime. Companies break information silos by providing their stakeholders with access to the same virtual model of the plant and a lean asset operation strategy thanks to integrated requirements, configuration and project management capabilities. Some companies have reported that using a virtual plant model helped them optimize the planning of all the activities performed during plant outage, reducing by 1-2 days the overall shutdown period. Moreover, they can better prepare their fieldworkers to perform high-risk inspections, operations and maintenance and improve their efficiency through digitally-simulated training on a functional 3D virtual plant model, enabling them to save up to 6000 man-hours. 

With Operations Excellence companies have real-time access to the way plants are operated with full visibility on an asset’s status. This allows them to deliver accountable, reliable and predictable performance, improve safety and productivity as well as continuously raise the quality of their maintenance and operations activities over the plant’s lifetime.

Discover the values of Operations Excellence Industry Solution Experience:

  • Better prepare field workers through virtual simulation and mitigate risks while improving safety
  • Lower costs and reduce downtime with robust production planning and scheduling features 
  • Improve resource utilization thanks to better visibility on processes, staff and assets
  • Increase productivity through multi-disciplinary access to trusted information on processes and operations