Oil & Gas

If you could model and simulate oil and gas operations in 3D, would you be able to produce and deliver oil and gas safer, cleaner, and cheaper?

Access the latest technologies and methods for safe, efficient, optimized operations

Be an industry leader with Oil & Gas 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions

Oil and gas production is moving towards more complex fields and with greater environmental scrutiny.   With strong ties to the Oil & Gas industry for over 30 years, Dassault Systèmes is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for the complete oil and gas value chain.

No matter if you are downstream or upstream in the value chain, Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences provide tools to help you be an industry leader:

  • Data-driven exploration decisions
  • Integrated reservoir modeling and simulations
  • Production management and optimization
  • Shutdown planning
  • Simulation-based reliability and safety assessments
  • 3D virtual maintenance simulations and work instructions
  • Virtual training
  •  Spare parts intelligence
  • Optimized plant construction