Integrated Plant Engineering

Managing conformity to meet initial expectations

Multidisciplinary Integration

Ensuring physical consistency between all engineering disciplines

“No defect” means perfect fitting of physical designs in order to efficiently install, erect, and construct the actual plant with all its components, systems, and structures. Civil engineering, steel structures, piping, and cabling are often designed using multiple 3D design tools.

Integrated Plant Engineering offers integration capabilities that enable you to gather designs from different sources and build a comprehensive virtual plant model. With this synthesis platform, you can perform 3D design validation, including clash and safety distance analysis, eliminating numerous potential sources of costly errors. 

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Lifecycle controlled integration process to build the facility DMU (Digital Mockup)
  • ISO15926-compliant adapter integrates diverse CAD Data 
  • Fully leverage the best application for each discipline
  • Comprehensive Interference checking tools 
  • Minimize effort to validate consistency between each disciplines 
  • Leverage the Plant Integrated DMU for downstream usages (various queries, 4D Simulation, …)