Engineering Excellence

Achieve zero defect engineering

Capital facilities engineering in the Energy, Process and Utilities (EPU) industry involves many stakeholders from increasingly specialized disciplines that use dedicated design and engineering tools. Although these ‘state-of-the-art’ tools increase performance in their specific domains, they tend to reinforce silos with heterogeneous technologies. At the project level, this increases complexity in interface management and change management, which in turn reduces quality, productivity and overall efficiency. As a result, companies fail to capture all the business value expected from their digital transformation.

New generation capital projects, therefore, demand sustainable and innovative approaches to achieve ‘zero-defect’ design and engineering that is construction and operation-ready. In order to foster collaboration across teams and over the life of the facility, digital continuity is an absolute necessity.

Piping Power Plant

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platformEngineering Excellence provides EPU Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies and Owner-Operators with a unified environment that supports design and engineering of new capital facilities, as well as modernization and life extension of existing ones. At the heart of this solution is the Virtual Plant Model, which by collating information from multiple sources and multiple disciplines, gives engineers the time and insight to make better-informed decisions. Through early virtual simulation, companies have reported 25% fewer drawing revisions, 30% less time spent controlling the quality of their engineering deliverables and a 60% decrease in the number of field and site-based design error discoveries, thereby improving their rate of first-time-right designs delivered to construction.

Engineering Excellence proposes a full business transformation path that significantly enhances engineering efficiency and integrity, leading to substantial improvements in scheduling, overall quality, and project margins.

Discover the values of Engineering Excellence Industry Solution Experience:

  • Enhance output quality due to multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Increase knowledge reuse with a single source of information
  • Streamline handover process with digital continuity
  • Reduce late engineering design rework and cost overruns through early virtual simulation