Fitness For Service

Equipment and system assessment with multiphysics and (dys)functional simulation

Fitness For Service offers the resources for reliability engineers to assess the evolution of equipment integrity or systems behaviour throughout their lifecycle, even against beyond-design basis events. 

By combining finite elements analysis and functional or dysfunctional simulation, multiple scenarios can be efficiently explored.

This guarantees that the safest and most efficient option is chosen when part of the infrastructure must be re-rated, repaired or replaced. 

The safety demonstration and financial justification become more robust and are delivered faster.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Increase system reliability and availability
  • Demonstrate critical equipment fitness for service with multiphysics simulation
  • Model and simulate the consequences of undocumented events on key equipment
  • Predict equipment degradation based on operating data history 
  • Warrant maintenance safety by ensuring proper system isolation
  • Analyze systems inter-dependencies and simulate failure propagation
  • Monitor probabilistic safety during on-line maintenance