Efficient Overhaul

One-of-a-kind co-activity analysis and multi-dimension optimization, ergonomics

Efficient Overhaul tackles the unique challenges of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages. 

Massively parallel co-activity combined with many one-of-a-kind procedures rarely performed onsite are addressed by integrating multi-dimension simulation and scheduling, addressing space, time, budget, HR or regulatory constraints. 

Ergonomics analysis and 3D work instructions authoring further improve personnel safety and efficiency, while cutting the accidents rate and the number of reworks.

This results in a shorter critical path, executed with greater certainty.

Preventative maintenance and worker virtual training in 3D

Plan and validate thanks simulation in 4D (3D +time)

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Shorten shutdowns, turnarounds and outages thanks to optimized pre-validated sequence and resource planning
  • Maximize production revenue by reacting faster and more accurately when changes or unplanned events occur
  • Boost worker efficiency and safety with ergonomics virtual assessment and 3D work instructions training
  • Improve company standards by capturing unique knowledge in templates to leverage and reuse in future projects