Efficient Configuration

Multidisciplinary configuration management, baselines and modification control

Efficient Configuration breaks engineering siloes by allowing multidisciplinary integration. 

Engineering modifications and configuration baselines are managed throughout the life of the asset in seamless digital continuity, with any third party tool or organization. 

This enables the construction of the asset “Virtual Twin”, a unique tool for production and maintenance operations optimization and benchmarking. 

Engineers working in civil, fluidic, electrical or equipment disciplines are  now able to work on the same model as project managers or planning specialists.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Optimize maintenance by offering exhaustive, precise and up to date asset information
  • Assess configuration versus performance by comparing baselines to data history
  • Increase safety thanks to trusted information enabling emergency preparedness
  • Ease asset navigation in a 3D environment through standard ISO 15926 CAD data import from any tool
  • Ease contractual exchanges with contractors thanks to transmittal management
  • Avoid information silos, gaps and overlaps and maintain information integrity during change management