Efficient Compliance

Requirements-to-operations linking and monitoring, IP management

Efficient Compliance solves the challenge of managing increasingly changing requirements, whether they are regulations, norms, standards or contracts. 

Requirements are broken down into managed objects. These can be linked to the operated infrastructure engineering configuration or to measurements from sensors. 

Any change in requirements content, in infrastructure design or in sensors measurement towards a possible non-conformity can then be automatically notified. 

Audits and compliance demonstrations are accelerated, claims and issues minimized.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • React faster and more accurately when requirements change by assessing the impact on design or operation
  • Avoid risks by assessing the impact of design or operation changes against requirements
  • Ensure an earlier detection of non-conformities thanks to automated comparison of changes in requirements
  • Reduce contractual claims and quality control issues by accelerating audits and regulatory compliance demonstration
  • Maximize revenue by shortening shutdown time, and speeding up commissioning and ramp-up
  • Improve overall quality and traceability by avoiding information duplication with a single version of the truth