Decommissioning Excellence

Ensure safety and preserve the environment

As many energy, process and utility plants, built decades ago, reach their end of life, decommissioning, particularly in the nuclear sector, faces increased public and regulatory scrutiny. Currently, numerous nuclear power plants are in permanent stoppage worldwide and recent studies show that in the next few decades many of them will also be shut down. With radiation posing a safety risk to workers, the surrounding populations and the environment, governments today are mostly in favor of immediate dismantling after shutdown rather than after an attenuation period. Owner Operators are, therefore, pressed to implement first-time-right deconstruction plans to prevent contamination and to preserve the structural integrity of the plant to prevent radiation leakage. Moreover, they must keep accurate inventory of radioactive materials and other waste to optimize disposal and protect the environment.

Nuclear Power Plant

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Decommissioning Excellence provides Owner Operators with a unified environment to plan and execute the decommissioning process starting from identification, zoning, decontamination, cleanup, dismantling, treatment, temporary storage through to evacuation. They can simulate and verify various decommissioning plans on a 3D plant model, complete with worker feasibility and ergonomic simulations, before selecting the best approach. With this solution, all assets and waste inventories can be recorded and sustainably managed thereby promoting traceability and accountability.

Decommissioning Excellence helps companies address their major challenges such as ensuring regulation compliance and public acceptance of the decommissioning plan, meeting decommissioning budget and planning objectives, confirming space availability for temporary facilities, and validating a plant’s structural integrity throughout the process. Moreover, with field worker health and safety of primary concern, this solution enables them to practice their decommissioning operations in a virtual environment to increase their skills, reducing the risk of fatal accidents or uncontrolled contamination that can have severe human and ecological consequences. More efficient and productive workers also help keep decommissioning budgets in check and projects on schedule

Discover the values of Decommissioning Excellence Industry Solution Experience:

  • Improve field worker safety through digital simulation, optimization and training of the decommissioning process with up to 2,000 hours of training saved per month
  • Reduce environmental impact by decreasing radioactive waste and the risk of radiation exposure
  • Acquire public acceptance thanks to digital visualization of the decommissioning plan, single source of truth and traceability
  • Reduce decommissioning cost by comparing various decommissioning options and monitoring the project
  • Enhance knowledge reuse through capitalization of past project experiences