Construction Excellence

Deliver On Time & On Budget

Recent surveys of energy leaders confirm that more than 35% of capital projects exceed both scheduling and budgetary objectives by more than ten percent. One major cause is a poorly optimized plant construction phase. In effect, disciplines often use globally dispersed systems that operate in silos and generate heterogeneous, inconsistent, redundant and outdated information. These difficulties are compounded by the fact that periodic status reports are often produced manually in different languages, which are not always understood by a multi-cultural and globally-dispersed ecosystem. The business repercussions for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies can be devastating: in multi-billion-dollar programs, cost and scheduling overruns can lead to millions in penalties or pure revenue loss.  Consequently, stakeholders are hard-pressed to improve collaboration and make quick and accurate decisions that are essential to building on time and on budget.

Plant Construction

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, Construction Excellence delivers an integrated environment of up-to-date and meaningful project information that multi-disciplinary construction teams can rely on to make fast and informed decisions. Geometric data is in 3D, a universally-understood language, which helps reduce misunderstandings and errors, identify risks early, and implement timely corrective action. Stakeholders have global visibility of complex facilities and one unique master schedule with project status displayed in real time, providing them with a clear and accurate view of a plant throughout its construction.  This helps them perform better impact analyses, especially when engineering changes are requested, to assess the cost and scheduling consequences of those changes.

Construction Excellence delivers tools to monitor advanced field work packages with workflow management as well as to perform digital inspections and monitoring to test and correct procedures early. As a result, EPC companies can implement lean construction and refurbishing processes of the plant while reducing on-the-field discovery of design errors by up to 60%, for a smooth start-up.

Discover the values of Construction Excellence Industry Solution Experience:

  • Ensure field worker safety and efficiency and reduce cost and scheduling deviations through simulation
  • Accelerate and improve decision-making thanks to better visibility of project status
  • Improve resource utilization and reduce overall construction costs with advanced workflow and scheduling technologies
  • Enhance pre-commissioning and commissioning phase by linking work packages with test items