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Accelerating innovation and strengthening competitive advantage are becoming essential strategic initiatives for the success of chemical and process companies. Enabling stakeholders to better collaborate helps transform new ideas into innovative products. The priority challenges for business and IT executives are: to improve project information availability, to implement more efficient collaborative technologies, to enhance the security of information shared across the ecosystem, as well as to aggregate data from heterogeneous sources and make it accessible to all stakeholders.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a collaborative business platform, which collects and aggregates up-to-date product, process and field data from multiple sources. Powerful search and analytics tools display in-context information on intuitive dashboards, enabling stakeholders to monitor project status based on role-based workflows. Integrated modeling and simulation technology applications realize higher levels of automation within the organization to reduce labor-intensive tasks, e.g. during the experimentation process.

To address the challenges facing the Chemical and Process industries - process complexity, product variability and an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders - the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables all actors across the value chain to share business-critical information in real time. Companies can accelerate research and simultaneously reduce labor-intensive tasks throughout experimentation, maintenance and plant upgrade processes visualized in 3D. Plant workers can safely practice tasks in the digital world before attempting them in the real world, while owners and operators leverage best practices to make faster decisions, keep projects on track and mitigate the impact of workforce turnover on the company’s intellectual capital.

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In today's experience economy, the ability to discover, design, and deliver breakthrough innovation at the molecular level creates transformational value for science-driven enterprises of all industries, and has the promise to provide exponential value to consumers.

Max Carnecchia Chief Executive Officer, BIOVIA