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Information Excellence

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Rapidly evolving technologies and the need to continually align supply with new demands are among the Energy, Process and Utilities industry’s most pressing challenges. Companies that engineer, build, or operate capital facilities need agility and flexibility to differentiate their market offering. Usually consisting of a complex mix of legacies and modern technologies, these plants can comprise over a million components, designed, installed and maintained by multiple organizations over decades, resulting in deeply entrenched information.

Moreover, globally dispersed teams can be disconnected and work in silos, using heterogeneous tools for managing information related to their various activities, causing duplication of work and inconsistencies. Without the right processes and technologies to orchestrate their efforts and efficiently manage their data, companies may rapidly find themselves facing bottlenecks, budgetary overruns and delays that can affect a project’s profitability and compromise asset performance. They need a comprehensive and real-time view of their facilities’ information at all times to make fast, accurate and concerted decisions

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Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platformCapital Facilities Information Excellence delivers a unified collaborative environment for seamless management of information across the facility’s lifecycle. This solution provides a single source of information and digital continuity from early design and engineering to construction, operation and eventually decommissioning. Thanks to a unified information model encompassing data from multiple heterogeneous sources, stakeholders throughout the ecosystem have fast and easy access to trusted information, enabling them to improve productivity and make more-informed decisions. The facts speak for themselves: a comprehensive, updated and real-time view of a plant’s status has allowed companies to reduce drawing revisions by up to 25% and on-the-field discovery of design errors by up to 60%.

Discover the values of Capital Facilities Information Excellence Industry Solution Experience

  • Improve scheduling and reduce deviation through better multi-disciplinary project coordination
  • Reduce cost overruns through faster and better decision-making with accurate information
  • Streamline handover process with digital continuity of information
  • Facilitate compliance by efficiently managing regulations, contract and corporate requirements
  • Increase knowledge reuse with a single source of information