Systems Modeling and Simulation

Designing a plant is a huge undertaking. A plant consists of a multitude of systems and sub-systems from various disciplines, such as mechanical, piping, instrumentation, electrical, steel structure and civil engineering, all with interconnected functions that must be carefully orchestrated. The primary goal of designing a good system is achieving the required level of production while maximizing worker safety and minimizing environmental impact. Within its life cycle, a plant must periodically undergo full or partial shutdown and start-up to accommodate inspection, maintenance and revamp operations, as well as dismantling. Being able to track and foresee the impact of system and sub-system on one another during these operations is very important to ensure worker safety and minimum downtime.

As part of the Dassault Systèmes (DS)’ comprehensive Plant Life Cycle Management solutions, the Systems Modeling and Simulation solutionhelps engineers formalize, share and manage a unified, cross-discipline systems development process. At the heart of the solution is an RFLP (Requirement, Functional, Logical and Physical) infrastructure, which allows technical requirements to be captured, with a complete traceability established across the system definition, functional, logical, physical, and simulation aspects.


The Systems Modeling and Simulation solution enables all development efforts to be centralized on a unified plant or asset definition so that various disciplines, from mechanical, electrical cad, hydraulic, piping, to air-conditioning, are brought together on a common platform that fosters collaboration and innovation. This brings many advantages such as end-to-end process optimization, cross-discipline system modeling, simulation and analysis, which includes dysfunctional analysis. The holistic approach to systems engineering integrating all engineering disciplines helps increase the physical asset quality and productivity while optimizing for costs and safety.

DS' solution for Plant Systems Modeling and Simulation includes:

  • Requirement management
  • Functional analysis
  • Logical design
  • System modeling
  • System simulation & optimization
  • Physical system architecture definition
  • Dysfunctional and reliability analysis and simulation

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ITER will have a 35-year lifetime. Therefore, we needed world-class solutions from companies that will be with us over the long term. We’re happy with our choice of Dassault Systèmes and Microsoft.

Stefanio Chioccio Design Integration Section Leader, ITER