Regulatory Compliance Management and QHSE Management

Quality Health Safety and Environmental (QHSE) concerns have long motivated governments to set regulations and controls to avoid major incidents and risk of causalities to both life and property. This is especially true when hazardous materials are involved - in the chemical, oil & gas, and nuclear industries. All stakeholders are anxious to prevent catastrophic accidents involving dangerous substances such as the Seveso 1976 or Bhopal 1984 toxic gas leaks, or uncontrolled fire and explosions such as the Piper Alpha 1988 or Deepwater Horizon 2010 incidents. This has resulted in both a "step change" in QHSE regulations and continuous improvement in company practices through all phases of a facility life cycle - from Feed through Operations and Maintenance.


Dassault Systemes (DS)' Regulatory and QHSE Management solution enables companies in the Energy and Process industries to develop and manage Safety Cases to demonstrate that a facility is engineered, procured, constructed, commissioned, operated, maintained and decommissioned, such that risks are kept As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALAPR). With DS solutions, your QHSE team can manage streamlined information from risk analysis, safety critical barrier definition and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in a collaborative on-line environment. Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) can be associated with appropriately defined performance standards based on industry requirements, regulations and best practices. Accurate up-to-date reports and dashboards are available to all stakeholders.

DS PLM also provides tools to simulate and analyze the logical processes of a facility:

  • 3D physical definition of the facility layout
  • Construction and maintenance processes - including equipment, workers and machinery such as cranes
  • Multi-physics interactive models
  • Systems engineering of systems, sub-systems and components including logic and interfaces
  • Functional and dysfunctional analysis
  • Effect of the environment on the behavior of a system
  • Effect of humans in the 3D environment of the facility
  • Life cycle requirements management
  • Critical and complex tasks in a project schedule

Supporting Brands: ENOVIA EXALEAD

With ENOVIA, we passed a rigorous audit by our business partners, power plant customers and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission with flying colours.

David Gil Organisation and Processes Manager, ENSA