Maintenance Management

In the Energy and Process industries, it is estimated that more than $ 15 billions are lost every year due to operational inefficiency. The real cost of plant shutdowns alone could mount to anywhere between $1 million to $5 millions a day. Informed users are well aware that total lifetime ownership cost of a plant is as important as the initial price paid. Owners/operators in various sectors, from chemicals, mining, metals, oil and gas to paper, power and utilities aim to be able to conduct their plant maintenance in as short period of time as possible and they are pressuring the EPCs to deliver plant designed with this goal in mind.


In Dassault Systèmes (DS)' fully integrated PLM system, maintenance processes of a plant are optimized early during plant design development. Engineers can leverage safety rules and environmental protection requirements that have been entered in the system to ensure that plan maintenance sequences are safe for the workers and protect the public from potential hazards. The Maintenance Management solution includeshuman simulations which covers aspects such as vision, display and motion as well as feasibility studies of remotely operated devices. As components and the human aspects are included in the planning, maintenance sequences can be optimized for safety, time and costs.


The benefit of maintaining and re-using this information throughout the lifecycle of the plant is obvious. DS' Maintenance Management solution therefore offers EPCs an opportunity to extend their current business by offering owners and operators well-defined data for use in ongoing maintenance. In operating a complex plant, many well documented processes must be executed to satisfy different organizations, from safety to security to maintenance operations such as equipment overhaul or replacement.


DS' PLM system has the ability to store and manage maintenance processes and best practices for reuse in future plants. By re-using the product structure template to organize the data set, the information becomes accessible to maintenance personnel. Databases can then be replicated and shared and new information can be added to support training. In cases where new and unproven tasks must be conducted, for example,digital mockup and simulation can be of great value in planning and testing different alternatives.

DS' solution for Plant Maintenance Management includes:

  • Operation and maintenance planning and task sequencing
  • Integration with scheduling, CAD and legacy systems
  • 3D work instructions and documentation
  • Operations and process simulation
  • Worker task simulation
  • Training and pre-job briefing for workers and subcontractors

Supporting Brands: DELMIA, ENOVIA

Reducing risk to the workforce is a top priority for us. Dassault Systèmes' PLM solution helps us accomplish that.

Steve Stephen Southern California Edison