Digital Plant Asset Management

A power plant, offshore drilling facility or oil refinery is a large and complex assembly of high-value long-life assets and systems created by multiple engineering disciplines. Assets include mechanical equipment, piping and instrumentation, electrical fittings, steel structures, civil engineering, process automation systems and others. Many stakeholders require access to information concerning these assets for different purposes throughout the life of a facility. As an asset undergoes design and engineering changes, maintenance, upgrades, revamps or replacement throughout its life cycle, its status and attributes change. These changes need to be reflected in the asset life cycle history and available for viewing digitally on-line and in up-to-date documentation. During a project life cycle, if changes and modifications impacting assets are not meticulously reflected in the revision history, delays in facility information handover from project teams to owners / operators are experienced. The cost associated with delays in transferring facility information from project team to owner / operators for start-up and commissioning can cost a company millions of dollars in unearned revenues.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Integrated Plant Engineering as well as Efficient Plant Operation Industry Solution Expriences both provide configuration management processes, enabling secured access to all authorized stakeholders to manage asset information digitally and the processes governing it throughout its life cycle. DS PLM system dynamically updates information relating to all asset changes and stores the revision history, including relationships and associated processes. Operations and maintenance personal may receive new assignments; managers may enter comments or markup work submitted for approval; teams can collaborate on tasks or assignments. It is a single source of reliable up-to-date asset information including the processes governing it that can be explored and viewed graphically on-line.


DS provides the technology to allow users gain control over information, cut tedious administrative tasks and work more effectively in the highly competitive energy jungle. While design-oriented companies manage documents, CAD and engineering data applicable during the construction phase of a facility only, DS provides a system to manage asset data that is relevant throughout a facility's entire life cycle, including operations, maintenance and decommissioning. Moreover, DS PLM system is open, scalable and flexible so it can be customized to meet the requirements of many customers.

Digital Plant Asset Management solution includes:

  • GBS / PBS geographical and functional Bill of Materials (BOM) navigation
  • Automated workflow and process management
  • Maintenance scheduling and shutdown planning
  • Operation work instructions and documentation
  • Issue management enabling hazard and risk mitigation
  • Equipment and systems inspection reports
  • Equipment replacement
  • Engineering document and specifications management

Supporting Brand: ENOVIA 

It’s important to follow the evolution of a plant over a long period of time and ENOVIA is flexible enough to adapt over the years as the needs of the plant evolve.

Lars-Martin Arendal CAD System/Design Engineer, Preem Petroleum