Civil Engineering

The traditional methods of civil engineering present several issues: it is time consuming, there is no precise evaluation of earth volume, and the update cycle is long.


Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Civil Engineering solution, supported by the CATIA brand, can help you reduce your environmental footprint. The solution provides instant modification and review of the 3D model, precise workload evaluation and planing, and automatic 3D documentation generation. Topographic points can be imported to CATIA for terrain modeling, completing the digital mock-up of a plant or production site with the definition of the ground it is lying on. CATIA Digitized Shape Editor and Sculptor can be used to study equipment installation, for instance to measure the volume of dirt that has to be excavated. This is important to be done in early design phases to minimize construction costs. 3D model can also be used for the generation of 3D documentation and 2D drawings. CATIA Digitize Shape Sculptor provides dedicated tools to prepare the model for drafting, which include the ability to create contours that represents variation in altitude.


Civil Engineering solution includes:

  • 2D drawing generation
  • Reverse engineering
  • Multi-CAD management
  • 3D documentation

Supporting BrandsCATIA  ENOVIA